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Noah - A Miracle Baby

Written by Noah's Aunt....

Noah was a miracle even before birth. See Noah came to us in the midst of the most devastating time in our lives, 9 months after our dad passed away. On 11/18/09 my sister went into labor induced to have her baby about 9 hours later she was rushed in to have an emergency c-section because Noah's heart rate dropped drastically. A couple of hours later we were able to hold our healthy new addition. Noah has always been healthy and happy until he was 16 months old. He started sleeping almost all the time & hardly eating or drinking anything. My sister took her to doctors and the hospital several times, with no avail. Noah started walking with a stagger at 17 months. On April 25th, 2011 - a large mass on the right side of Noah's brain was discovered. The pediatrician was in tears as she told Noah's parents. The pediatrician sent Noah to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis where they did an MRI that showed a large mass the size of a grapefruit. Following the MRI, Noah had his first seizure. Our sweet angel seized 15 to 20 times within the next half-hour because of the pressure on the brain. They inserted a catheter in his brain to drain some of the fluid. After large amounts of fluid drained, they were able to take him on April 27th into surgery to remove the tumor - which was a success. We were amazed at how well Noah was doing in the following days. He had made so much progress - sitting on the edge of the bed playing and talking. Therefore, the doctor released our precious Noah to go home where he continued to improve drastically with walking, talking, eating, and playing. We are blessed with our miracle boy who has taught us more about life & love in the short 17 months than we could have ever imagined. Keeping faith as Noah continues to go through treatment. Knowing God will continue to carry him through all he faces. Noah has been doing great since his surgery and treatments until recently when he began having seizures again and diagnosed with epilepsy. Love You Noah so much!!!

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